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Overexpression Stable Cell Line Service

One stop solution for overexpression stable cell line production service. With years of gene editing experience, Glow Biologics has established a unique OVPStech platform for overexoression services with the best quality and lower prices

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Custom Gene Expression Cell Lines

Custom Overexpression Cell Line Service

Based on the OVPStech Platform™ and unique world-class expertise, Glow Biologics guarantee we can generate your overexpressing stable cell line with the best quality and lower prices. We have access to a range of technologies and an expert team experienced at working with a variety of cell lines, including adherent and suspension cells.

Our scientists are experienced to provide single or double gene overexpression services, from shRNA construction to transfection and single clone generation of a wide range of host cell lines, like HEK293T, HeLa, HCT116, HepG2, A549 and other difficult-to-transfect tumor cell lines.

Service Content:





Gene Overexpression


(Single or Double genes)

· Vector sequence

· Single cell clone

· QC & project report

~3-4 months


Why work with us?

Ø Professional technical support: Our scientists have rich gene editing and cell culture experiences.

Ø One-stop service is provided from shRNAs construction, cell transfection, single clones selection to sequencing analysis, our customers only need to provide the target genes and host cell line information.

Ø High success rate and competitive prices

Ø Fast delivery & full transparency: the overexpression cell lines are delivered within 3 months

Service Process:


  Project Evaluation

PhaseⅠ: shRNA Vector Construction

Phase : Cell Transfection and Monoclonal Clone Selection


· Cell line’s amenability

· Target gene analysis


· shRNA design

· Vector construction

· Vector detection

· Vector Transfection

· Single Cell Clone screening

· Amplification culture

· Sequencing Validation

· Positive clone cryopreserved



~2 weeks

~10-14 weeks



    Vector sequence

· Single cell clone line

· Sequencing data

· Project report


Supporting Data:

Successful generation of overexpression stable cell

Vector Map:



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