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Glow Biologics has developed a unique stable cell line platform for CRISPR knockout, point mutation and overexpression stable cell lines generation. One-stop-solution for your research.

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Custom Gene Expression Cell Lines

Custom Stable Cell Line Services

Have a project for generating stable cell line service to perform the editing? No problem-Glow Biologics is here to help you. We have accumulated considerable experience and expertise in the custom stable cell line using our unique CRISPR-GBTM gene editing platform.

Stable cell lines can be used for diverse applications, ranging from studying gene expression, cell differentiation, cellular events, toxicity, and production of recombinant antibodies and proteins. Stable cell lines are also helpful in the evaluation of drugs in specific environments. So it is very important to get the high quality stable cell lines for your research. Glow Biologics offers a comprehensive custom CRISPR stable cell line service based on the CRISPR system. 

Glow Biologics will:

  • Construct a vector containing your gene and desired selection marker

  • Make the knockout, knock-in, point mutation, and overexpression stable cell lines

  • Validate the clones by qPCR or Sanger Sequencing

  • Validate the positive clones by Western Blot (if applicable)

  • Deliver two vials of stable cells along with a final report 

Why You Should Use Glow Biologics’s Stable Cell Line Service?

  • One-stop-solution service: Just tell us your target gene and the mutation

  • Professional Support: Our experts have years of experience in gene editing. 

  • Fast turnaround time: As fast as 2 months.

  • Competitive Prices

  • Guaranteed Policy: 100% money back guarantee.

Our Custom Stable Cell Line Service Includes:

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